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Anne & Sig in Arches National Park in Utah, USAAnne & Sig in Arches National Park in Utah, USA

Sigfried was born in Alaska but by the age of 6 was shuttling back and forth between his birthplace and Seattle which was where he chose to make his home after graduating from the UW in Economics. Sigfried has had many jobs but his professional career was in Software Development as a developer and more recently a manager of other developers. Sigfried has some 20 years of experience in the field and has all told made a lot of software for a lot of people over the years.

Sigfried’s great personal passion is for playing games. Since a very early age when his father taught him checkers and chess, Hitch has loved games of all sorts but has a special passion for role-playing adventure games like Dungeons and Dragons as well as strategy war games of all sorts. Sigfried is also known for his passion for politics, culture, religion, movies and love of entertaining others. He’s been a podcaster, stage actor, storyteller, writer, and game designer. On his personal blog, you can find posts on a wide range of topics.

Anne was born in Illinois but it wasn’t very long before she moved with her family to Seattle, where she has lived ever since. Also a graduate of the UW, Anne holds a degree in Computer & Software Systems. Anne spent most of her professional career as a website developer but left the corporate world and now works as an independent contractor creating websites. At one point she even took a side job selling vintage table-top games on eBay.

Anne has wide-ranging interests and is accomplished at adventure planning, cooking, sewing, photography, graphic design, computer hardware, gardening, podcasting, desktop publishing, gaming, and a great many other skills and crafts. Current passions include photography and travel writing. Anne was eager to see all that America has to offer in its natural glory and splendor, and has the same passion for exploring Japan. Anne does most of the travel planning, navigation, and logistics. She also maintains all of our websites including this one.